No Antibiotics Ever  Non Gmo

No Chemical Inputs

Offering Slow Sustainable foods since 2010

-   ABOUT US  -

We are a small family farm working toward good Earth stewardship. We are blessed with a beautiful 40 acre farm, using only old World farming practices. We stay simple and sustainable by not putting anything synthetic or harmful on our farm. We use only what the maker provides us.

Our animals are pasture raised as mother nature intended, and we offer natural NON-GMO and soy free eggs from chickens, ducks, turkeys and quail. We also offer pasture pork that is fed only our special blend of NON-GMO grain and all of our extra A2 milk. We never use antibiotics or chemical inputs and all of our grains are tested to be free from heavy metals and pesticides. This we've seen from experience keeps them happier and healthier than those animals you would commonly find in a large scale commercial confinement operation.

Our produce is farm fresh and never grown with chemicals. For pick up weekly during the growing season, it will be the best and healthiest decision you will make all year! Join the Naturoganics Sustainable Food  Coop You will eat better and will be supporting your local farmers instead of the big box stores.